Cartilage Restoration

The orthopedic doctors of Midland Orthopedic Associates offer a variety of cartilage restoration options to our patients. These options treat the pain from damaged or injured cartilage, such as a torn meniscus in the knee. These restoration procedures include microfracture autogenous chondrocyte implantation (ACI), osteochondral autograft transfer (OATs) and De Novo cartilage surgery.

The top reasons for cartilage restoration include severe injuries and repeated traumas. If you suffer a sudden and traumatic injury to any joint, you may experience a complete tear to your cartilage. If it doesn’t tear your cartilage, the injury can still lead to cartilage loss as normal activities can end up making the minor injury into a major one.

Repeated, less-serious traumas to the same spot can also have the same effect. If you are a runner and you experience any type of joint injury, you increase the strain on some of the cartilage in your body if you were to run again. Continuing to run – and without the proper support and shoes – can repeatedly damage your cartilage, eventually resulting in serious damage and cartilage loss.

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