Foot and Ankle Specialists

The physicians at Midland Orthopedic Associates treat a variety of foot and ankle injuries and conditions, including those related to trauma, fractures, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, sports injuries, infections, and bunions. Some of the services provided include diabetic footcare, fracture care, ligament tendon repair, bunion correction, as well as forefoot, midfoot, and hindfoot reconstructions and ankle replacements.

Treatment of Foot and Ankle Injuries

We use our feet and ankles any time we walk, stand up or participate in nearly any sport. That’s why having a foot or ankle injury can be very debilitating to your everyday life. You even need properly functioning feet and ankles to drive safely, and giving up the keys is not a pleasant prospect!

Midland’s Orthopedic Doctors can help you identify problems in your feet and ankles, and work with you on preventing new or further injuries. We may suggest you get ergonomically correct shoes or socks to help you walk more naturally. We may also give you advice on what types of physical activities may be aggravating an existing condition.

A common cause of foot and ankle injuries is running on overly flat or overly uneven terrain without the proper foot support. If the idea of not being able to run any more is not a comforting prospect for you, then you should definitely come see us to correct any pain or inflammation in a your feet or ankles before they lead to more serious damage. Midland Orthopedic Associates may also suggest you switch to exercises or machines at the gym that put less pressure on your lower joints, such as swimming or using the elliptical instead of the treadmill.


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